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TO: Director of Marketing

The Jim Henson Company

FROM: The Muppet Site!

A Site for Muppet Admirers

DATE: September 20, 2000

SUBJECT: Muppet Merchandise Wish List

Hello! After reading the internet newsgroups and rec.arts.henson+muppets, and chatting with friends around the world in person and via email for over 20 years, we have decided to organize a "wish list" of Muppet merchandise and send it to you. We do hope that this list provides some helpful ideas. Thank you for your time!

paper and stationary items:

stationary, cards, notepaper, note cards, envelopes, post-it notes, stickers

Christmas cards, valentines, pens, pencils, Kermit and Miss Piggy checks

yearly calendars, like the Muppet Parody Calendars

small notebooks/calendars for the purse or pocket

card decks, Miss Piggy Old Maid card game

reproduction of The Kermit Card Game and Miss Piggy Card Game from Milton Bradley

on video (uncut and original):

The Muppet Show, Storyteller, The Jim Henson Hour, Fraggle Rock, Muppets Tonight!

reprinting of books: Of Muppets and Men, by Christopher Finch

The Muppet Guide to Magnificent Manners, by James Howe, 1984

The World of the Dark Crystal, by Brian Froud

The Making of the Dark Crystal, by Christopher Finch

Kermitís Garden Verses, by Jack Pelusky

A new hardcover book on Muppets Tonight! (similar to The Muppet Show Book) or with photos and drawings

stuffed toys:

Junior Toys (IGEL) Deutschland plush and other items distributed and sold in the United States and United Kingdom

Giftware International Miss Piggy items. She is dreadfully missing from this product line.

Rowlf body puppet (reproduction of the Ideal puppet made in the 1960 era)

Kermit body puppet (reproduction of the Ideal puppet made in the 1960 era)

a new Kermit doll and body puppet that is not neon green like the Applause ones, similar to the Eden toys

Sal and Johnny, Bean Bunny puppet, Rizzo

Muppet beanie babies

Seymour and Pepe, Beeker and Bunsen, Fraggles and Doozers

poseable Muppets and puppets, quality made, like the Fisher Price stuffed toys and "Muppet Players" of the 1976-81 era.

Gonzo, similar to the 1990 Eden toys, Animal, similar to the 1990 Eden toys

a Miss Piggy doll and a puppet that looks like the *real* Miss Piggy (not a cartoon character)

a Miss Piggy vinyl fashion doll, poseable, with rooted hair, like the Direct Connect one from 1990, Princess Piggy, Wedding Day Piggy

Foo Foo the poodle


more Miss Piggy t-shirts; continuation of the great Wild Oats brand t-shirts

French-cut (narrower in the body, and shorter, narrow sleeves) Muppet t-shirts for ladies

outerwear - 100% cotton jackets, Levi indigo denim jackets, with embroidered Muppets on the back, and/or on the front pocket


clocks, watches, high quality, especially Kermit and Miss Piggy, sized smaller for ladies, the plain, basic Kermit face; wall clocks, mantel clocks

ceramic items, similar in style to Sigma items c. 1980, but much higher quality than Sigma, Star Jars or Treasure Craft

100% cotton indigo denim purses, totes and backpacks with Kermit and with Miss Piggy

100% cotton and 100% silk Muppets fabric

more Muppet software, adult Muppet board games

towels, bathroom items, tumblers, toothbrush holders, soap dishes

Dark Crystal items, metal lunchboxes, t-shirts

May we take this moment to thank you for the year 2000 series of Sesame Street glass Kurt Adler ornaments, the 1999 series of Midwest Muppet ornaments, the fabulous 1999 Muppets chess set, and the progress in producing items through IGEL/Junior Toys of Germany.