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The Jim Henson Company (JHC) provides just about the only movie and television entertainment that we personally enjoy. During the last decade, JHC has slowed down in the "new projects" department. This site was started in 1999 to help keep the spirit going!

We loved every second of The Jim Henson Hour in 1989, but it "bombed in the ratings". Television ratings were poor for the television show, Muppets Tonight in 1996-97, yet it provided many hours of fine entertainment. Muppets from Space in 1999 lacked a fluent plot, but was filled with talented acting, brilliant puppeteering, hilarious one-liners, clever special effects, and creative costuming and sets.

The problem is more deeply rooted in societal changes, personal values, and personal viewing preferences, rather than poor quality work by the JHC. So many people prefer the common television and movie themes of psycho-dramas, glitz and glamour, emergency rooms, and courtroom clashes. The market for Henson may be small, but that's not to say that it can't be a good market.

People want consistency in the beloved Muppet characters, somewhat like an ongoing soap opera. Piggy canít be flirting with Jay Leno one minute, then during the next interview saying she's happily married to Kermit with a bunch of little pig/frog kids. Gonzo canít be a "weirdo" in The Muppet Show, then "an alien from space", as in the movie, Muppets from Space. Clifford canít host a show, Muppets Tonight, and have an undeveloped personality.

Kermit needs to be more than just an accessory for Miss Piggy, like a Ken doll, to prevent from becoming merely a corporate icon.

A good psychologist to help with character development and some soap opera writers would liven things up!

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