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The Jim Henson Company (JHC) has licensed a wide variety of collectibles throughout the world marketplace from 1956 to present date. Licensees have included Ideal, Hallmark, Fisher Price, Sigma of England, Corgi, Milton Bradley, Enesco, Eden Toys, American Greetings, Carlton, Golden Books, Giftware International, San Francisco Music Box Company, Paper House Productions, Midwest of Cannon Falls, Limoges and Applause.

Items range from porcelain to plush, cookie cutters to calendars, telephones to toothpaste, stickers to software, puppets to papers, toy cars to tin cans, books to barrettes.

Also produced were ceramics, wrapping paper, greeting cards, ornaments, clothing, linens, 14K gold and costume jewelry, plaques, dishes, banks, bubble bath figurines; assorted kid's toiletry sets, including mirrors, combs, compacts; tambourines, drums, jack in the boxes and magnets.

There are music boxes, band aids, watches, clocks, board games, sticky notes, plastic figurines, posters, bubble blowers, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, lunchboxes, stickers, book plates, paint sets, pencil cans, mylar balloons, party supplies, paper napkins, key chains and fast food toys.

Trading cards, bean bags, puzzles, cookie jars, magazines, cake pan sets, kaleidoscopes, playing cards, craft patterns, costume patterns, radios, kids shoes, slippers, bathroom scales, Kroonchy Stars cereal, Muppet toys in cereal, Pelham Marionettes (Kermit and Animal), wind-up toys, a chess set and valentines don't even begin to complete the list!

Muppet collectibles are easier to find now, thanks to internet. Not only are there many secondary market items available, but new ones as well.

Here are some favorite shopping sites. Kristin Krause's New collectibles and toys, secondary market toys, fabulous free E-Kardz, beautiful original artwork, free emailed Muppet newsletters

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